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About Us

Our Story

Tidy Ben's is a premier Restaurant that serves a twist to the Classic Sloppy Joe. The gourmet, completely plant based delicacy was created to not only satisfy the palette, but change the world.  We intend to do so by standing on and staying true to our 3 Pillars

-Source Local:  By sourcing local we intend to recirculate monies back into the local economic infrastructure and strengthen the backbone of the economy, the local business

-Environmental Awareness:  At inception we didn't want to just slap a recycle sticker and call it a day, we wanted to make a real and tangible positive impact to the environment.  By integrating upcycling and zero waste initiatives, we are able to reduce our carbon and waste footprint to almost zero.  Our utilization of solar technologies has allowed us to harness the power of the sun to provide some of our electricity!!

-Community Focused:  We strive to become a part of the community we serve.  Whether that is providing a platform for our community to showcase it's talents or giving back to local charitable organizations, the goal is to make our community stronger and more sustainable for the future generations.  In addition to that, we have also implemented a "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" menu (literally pay what you want).  For more information on the "Pay What You Want" menu, click here!

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The Sloppy Joes

Signature Slop

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The Sloppy Sides

The Perfect Side

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Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Wednesday: Tidy Ben's 5P-10P

Friday: Tidy Ben's 5P-10P

Saturday: Tidy Ben's NOON-10P